Establishment of Mehraneh

Everyone has a responsibility, some call it a religious responsibility, and others call it a social responsibility. Ultimately, everyone takes steps to make an impact on the lives of others.

With this belief, Mehraneh started its work. Mehraneh Charity Association was formed in September 2006 with the proposal of Dr. Minoo Meshkimi (Hematology-Oncology Specialist) and Mr. Asghar Vosough, and with the collective efforts of philanthropists from Zanjan. On December 13th of the same year, it officially began its activities with registration number 270 and obtaining the necessary permits from the law enforcement authorities.

Mehraneh is a self-driven, non-political, non-governmental, and non-profit charitable institution that is managed with the support and participation of noble citizens of Zanjan, through both monetary and non-monetary contributions.

This charitable institution was established solely to assist cancer patients because cancer is not just a specific disease in our country, and patients have to bear significant expenses while the treatment duration for this disease is often prolonged.

Mehraneh’s Mission

Mehraneh’s mission is to not only manage individual cancer patients but the entire spectrum of cancer-related issues, including emergency response, treatment, prevention, palliative care, and more. As a charitable organization, our research focus is to tackle the challenges of cancer comprehensively. We aim to raise awareness about cancer to the best of our abilities. Our mission at Mehraneh is to organize and manage cancer-related matters in Zanjan.

Mehraneh Vision

Our vision is to change the perspective of people towards cancer. In our province, and subsequently in our country, we strive to bring about a change in the lifestyle of the people of Zanjan, promoting a healthy way of living.

Mehraneh focuses on promoting the concept of prevention in the cultural fabric of people’s lives, emphasizing and actively engaging in cancer prevention activities.

When we achieve relative success in the areas of emergency, treatment, and prevention, we can share this success with the country. After 16 years of work in this field, we have reached that stage of our vision. Today, we can proudly claim that the field of cancer management, especially in adult cancers, is influenced by the culture of Mehraneh. Mehraneh is recognized throughout the country, and people trust us. Mehraneh has been able to take a leading role in this field.

“We aim to create a replicable model for the whole world.”

To build this model, we have unique indicators that are unparalleled worldwide, such as the involvement of benefactors in planning and managing Mehraneh.

This indicator is highly prominent in Mehraneh, and currently, Mehraneh operates with the participation of 1,200 benefactors and 90 active employees.

From every household in Zanjan Province, which has a population of 1,100,000, at least one registered benefactor is a member of Mehraneh, whether through a monthly donation, an hour of weekly work, donating homes, or small financial contributions. This is also one of the significant indicators of Mehraneh.

Mehraneh’s goal and vision, from the beginning of its establishment, has been to provide coverage for all cancer patients in the province. Now, this has become a reality. Our goal was to cover all the expenses of the patients, especially the cost of medications, and today we have achieved this operational stage. We are the only province that fully covers the medical expenses of cancer patients, paying 100% of their medication costs. In Zanjan Province, cancer patients only have to endure the pain of the disease, and we are proud to announce that Mehraneh provides for all their medical expenses.

What services does Mehraneh offer to the country?

1. Radiotherapy
Radiotherapy treatment is provided free of charge at this center for all Iranian compatriots and even for international patients. During the treatment period, their accommodation and nutrition are also provided free of charge.

2. Accommodation in Tehran
Mehraneh Charity in Tehran has a guesthouse with a capacity of 40 people. Anyone from anywhere in Iran who comes to Tehran for cancer treatment, we provide a section of the guesthouse for the patient. We take care of the patient’s accommodation and nutrition, as well as that of their companion, free of charge throughout the treatment. This building has been acquired through the generous contributions of Mehraneh benefactors in Tehran.

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