Mehraneh Philanthropists

Those whose hearts have been enlivened by love never die.

Eternal art is the legacy of individuals who have learned the path of eternal living, preserved it, and given it meaning with all their being.

They are the embodiment of kindness, and their hands have become supportive hands that seek to sow seeds of love.

The hearts that once brought peace to another heart continue to beat.

Mehraneh is forever indebted to the presence and activities of generous philanthropists.

Introducing Some Influential and Generous Benefactors of Mehraneh:

Hajj Saifullah Abdollahi

Late Haj Agha Abdollahi was a retired university professor from the Medical Sciences University and a professor at the university. For 14 years, he actively and voluntarily served at Mehraneh. He surpassed all philanthropists in terms of dedication and presence, and only death separated him from Mehraneh.

Late Hajj Kamaladdin Mohammadi

Late Haj Agha Mohammadi was one of the founders of Mehraaneh. He had a significant influence on the formation and continuation of the Mehraaneh Charity Organization, especially when Mehraaneh initiated the construction of a specialized clinic. He served as the head of the Technical Engineering Committee and oversaw the construction of the clinic building.

Late Mr. Mohammadi’s departure separated him from Mehraaneh, both in terms of illness and death.

Hajj Mohammad Hadidian

Late Mr. Haddidian was present at the forefront of establishing Mehraaneh as a pioneering figure among philanthropists in the Zanjan market. He had a special interest in Mehraaneh and even during his illness, he was concerned about Mehraaneh. He was one of the first individuals to be present in the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.

Mehraaneh owes its greatness and magnanimity to Mr. Haddidian.

Daughters of the late Mahdavi.

Mr. Mahdavi was the founder of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences. When his daughters visited Mehraneh for an important charitable task, they were in the process of designing a guesthouse for Mehraneh. They received the design plan and location of the establishment from Mehraneh and took over the continuation of the project. They handled all the purchasing, construction, and some of the equipment for this guesthouse and delivered a satisfactory and well-equipped Mehraneh guesthouse after two years.

Mrs. Robabeh Sadeghi (Spiritual Mother of Mehraneh)

Late Mrs. Robabe Sadeghi was the spiritual mother of Mehraneh, residing in a disadvantaged area, living in a modest 50-square-meter residential unit.

She was among the regular recipients of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, generously donating all her assets to Mehraneh.

She showed us that being charitable comes before financial capability, as it requires a big heart.

Mr. Amir Ne’mat Bani Adam

They are prominent philanthropists of Mehrameh in Zanjan and Tehran.

Mr. Bani Adam is a member of the Board of Directors of Mehrameh and the Board of Directors of Tehran Mehrameh. He is also the head of the School Construction Committee in Tehran. He has played a crucial role in attracting financial donations to Mehrameh, and he has often managed and implemented the fundraising campaigns of Mehrameh.

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