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Mehran Clinic

Mehran Clinic, with its 4,000 hectares of land and 14,000 square meters of infrastructure, has been established through the continuous efforts and follow-ups of the board of directors, technical engineering committee, medical committee, and the high motivation of philanthropists in Zanjan Province.

After 2 years of research and needs assessment, Mehran Clinic has been designed to encompass research and educational spaces, preventive and diagnostic departments, as well as treatment facilities. These include the radiotherapy department, imaging center, specialized laboratory, chemotherapy department with 50 beds, research and development section, administrative offices, restaurant, future expansion area, prayer room, children’s playroom, international conference hall, and more.

Additionally, a 4-star hotel has been constructed on an area of 1,800 square meters, equipped with 21 suites, a restaurant, physician rooms, and a prayer room. This hotel serves as accommodation for patients coming from distant regions within the province, other provinces across the country, and neighboring countries who seek treatment at this facility.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Mehran Clinic took place in 2011 (1390 in the Persian calendar), and in 2012 (1391), the project entered the execution phase. The radiotherapy department became operational in 2014 (1393). The clinic was designed by “Geno” company, a renowned hospital construction firm in the Middle East, which initially requested 300 million Tomans for the design. However, due to the willingness of philanthropists to cover the costs, the company generously waived the entire amount.

With the implementation of this project, all patients within the province have access to comprehensive healthcare services, and 45% of the clinic’s admissions come from other provinces, as individuals seek diagnostic and treatment services for cancer in Zanjan.

On the 8th of Azar, 2014 (1393), Mehran Clinic officially commenced its activities with the first radiotherapy session. Today, the clinic has a capacity to admit 120 patients per day. It is our pride that we do not charge any fees for treatment expenses from any of our patients.

1- Equipment

– Radiotherapy Equipment:
In the therapeutic section of our clinic, we have two High Energy devices (Anchor model) manufactured by Siemens, Germany, at a cost of 4 billion and 900 million Tomans, which have been purchased through the generous contributions of our esteemed benefactors. These devices are among the most advanced radiotherapy equipment available in Iran.

Considering that the devices are located on the ground floor, they need to be stored in special conditions and dedicated rooms called “Ashiane” (Nest). The minimum thickness of the walls of these nests is two meters and seventy centimeters, and the construction of each nest has incurred a cost of 500 million Tomans. Representatives from the Atomic Energy Organization and related authorities were present during the construction process. Regular inspections are also carried out to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

– 5-Point Mobile City Simulator and Laser Device:
This device, purchased at a cost of 2 billion and 800 million Tomans, was made possible by the generous contributions of our dear benefactors.
It was the first device of its kind to be purchased from Iran, and today there are a limited number of these devices available in the country.
This device is used to initiate treatment and ensure that the treatment process is carried out with minimal errors. It significantly aids in determining the precise location of tumors.

– Chemotherapy Department:
This department consists of 47 fully equipped chemotherapy beds that are modern and comply with the latest European standards. The department operates as a Day Clinic.
The gas supply system (required patient oxygen) and vacuum (suction and discharge) are centralized. The treatment beds used in this section are of the highest quality, and all areas of this department are equipped with the latest nurse call system.

– Hyperthermia Devices:
Hyperthermia is the latest method used prior to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In other words, it is a device that prepares the patient for chemotherapy and radiotherapy and improves the quality of patient treatment. This device, worth 1 billion and 400 million Tomans, has been purchased and donated to Mehraneh by generous benefactors. The operation of this device is based on sound waves, which have no harm to the patient.

2. Specialized Laboratory:
This section has been established to meet the laboratory needs of patients. It includes three divisions: Biochemistry, Hematology and Hormones, as well as a Blood Bank. Additionally, a part of the laboratory is dedicated to the screening process. Meharaneh performs screening as part of the cancer prevention program, where the screening process is carried out through various tests.

3- Prevention and Education Unit:
One of the main objectives of Mehraaneh is education and prevention in relation to cancer.
This unit started its activities in 1394 (Solar Hijri calendar) and currently, approximately one million and one hundred thousand healthy individuals in terms of cancer are present in Zanjan province. The goal of Mehraaneh is to prevent these individuals from developing cancer, or if they are already diagnosed, to refer to Mehraaneh in the early stages.
According to medical experts, more than 60% of cancer cases can be prevented by following healthy dietary principles, engaging in regular physical activity and exercise, avoiding tobacco and hookah, abstaining from alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, and undergoing regular medical check-ups. Therefore, based on the motto “Prevention is better than cure,” the mission and goals of education and prevention are pursued.
This section is equipped with workshops with capacities of 40, 70, and 290 individuals, which are available for the education and prevention of visitors and target groups.

4- Nuclear Medicine Department:
This department is also part of the medical treatment section located within the clinic, consisting of three main components: PET Scan, SPECT CT, and Therapeutic Radiology.
PET Scan: The PET scan machine serves three purposes:

1- Evaluation of Treatment Progress in Cancer Patients
2- For Cardiovascular Diseases
3- For Neurological Disorders

Mehranah is currently providing services to cancer patients through the PET scan machine. This device, purchased for one million and eight hundred thousand euros in the local currency, has been fully funded through public donations. The PET scan can display the progression of tumors, and this technology significantly aids physicians and patients in examining cancer and its activity within the patient’s body.

SPECT-CT: This device combines two imaging techniques, SPECT and CT. Similar to a PET scan, it is used for the evaluation of kidneys and the extent of bone involvement. This device was purchased with the help of generous donations to Mehraneh at a cost of 300,000 euros.

Radioactive Iodine Therapy: This treatment method is used for patients with thyroid cancer and those who have an underactive or overactive thyroid. The thyroid gland uses iodine to produce and regulate hormones in the body. In this treatment, radioactive iodine (radioiodine) is administered orally to the patient. After receiving this substance, the patient must be kept in specialized rooms because it is highly radioactive and poses risks to healthy individuals. The duration of isolation in these rooms is three days, which is based on the half-life of radioactive iodine in the patient’s body. The walls and doors of these rooms are made of lead to prevent the passage of radiation.

5- 4-Star Standard Hotel:
Mehraneh Charity Organization, with the support of the late Haj Ahmad Mahdavi Foundation, has established the Nikan Guesthouse Hotel next to the Mehraneh Specialized Cancer Treatment and Radiotherapy Center. This guesthouse was inaugurated in 2012 and opened its doors in 2014.

The building consists of a ground floor and 21 twin suites, constructed according to the standards of a 4-star hotel. Patients who come to this center for radiotherapy from other cities and countries can stay in this guesthouse with one accompanying person throughout their treatment period. Additionally, their meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are provided free of charge. (Priority is given to patients from the same province)

6. International Conference Hall of Mehraneh (Engineer Eskandar Karimian Hall – Workshops and Training Classes)

This unit comprises the International Conference Hall of Mehraneh and training workshops.

The International Conference Hall of Mehraneh, located on the ground floor of Mehraneh, has a capacity of 300 people. The hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and a simultaneous interpretation room for 4 languages.

In addition, the training workshops have a capacity of 50 participants, and the training classes have a capacity of 80 participants. These facilities are designed to host scientific and international conferences, conferences, cultural programs, various assemblies, and exhibitions.

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