The building is named Haj Agha Haddidian. They were members of the board of trustees of Mehraneh for many years, and during their lifetime, they transferred ownership of this building to Mehraneh in full certainty, and this building was named after them.

This building was inaugurated in 1394 (2015).

The Banner Committee of Mehraneh Charity operates in this building. This committee sends condolence and occasion banners of Taj-gol (a type of flower) in order to achieve the lofty and spiritual goals of Mehraneh and has always been able to provide more prominent services in support of cancer patients by sending 900 banners to mosques every month.

Accepting various special orders for congratulations, condolences, greetings, charity, kindness, and pilgrimage in the form of banners and Taj-gol, postcards, plaques of recognition and appreciation, and handicraft products is carried out in this office. In addition, the county committee and the financial committee of Mehraneh Charity, consisting of units for attracting monthly assistance, one-time donations, and deductions from online payments, are located in this building.

The office hours of this office are daily from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and also from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, except on official holidays.

Address: Zanjan, 15 Khordad Square, opposite the martyrs’ shrine, at the corner of Navab Safavi Street, Mehraneh Banner Office

Phone: +982433326030

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