Mehraneh has active offices in 15 cities, and all the services provided at the central center, apart from medical treatment, are also carried out in these offices. In Abhar and Miandoab cities, the field of chemotherapy has been launched by Mehraneh, which is a great help to patients.

In addition to Zanjan, we have established offices in other cities outside the province, including Takab, Bijar, and Miandoab, to facilitate access for patients in these three cities. They can benefit from Mehraneh’s facilities just like patients in the province.

Abhar County Office

Address: Imam Street, Imam, above Sadat Mosque, Al-Zahra Building, No. 22

Telephone: 35225939-35233336-024

Khodabandeh County Office

Address: 1st Floor, Office of Endowments Building, Sohravardi Square, Chamran Boulevard, Zanjan, Iran

Phone: +98 24 34226430

Sajas County Office

Address: Imam Street, Across from Martyr Motahhari School

Phone: +98 24 34332737

Sohravard County Office

Address: Talghani Street, Shahid Merhamatollah Mohammadi Bakery, Shahid Square, Tehran, Iran.

Noruhar County Office

Address: Soleymani Street, next to the Telecommunications Office.

Garmab County Office

Address: Imam Hussein Square, next to Jame Mosque

Phone: +98 24 34822239

Kersaf County Office

Address: Zahrawi Square

Phone: 024-34355203

Dandi County Office

Address: Azadegan Street, South Shabnam Street, Corner

Phone: +98 24 36523366

Mianeh County Office

Address: Unit 4, Above Farhangian Store, Moghimi Alley, Beginning of Bank Melli Street.

Telephone: 52222261-52231966-041

County Office, City of Tork

Address: Namaz Square, Next to Stone Mosque

Telephone: +98 41 52372881

Abbar County Office

Address: Imam Khomeini Street, next to Dr. Pourshiva Pharmacy

Phone: 024-32825028

County Office Dram

Address: Imam Street, Imam Square, across from Shadi Hypermarket.

Chorzeq County Office

Address: Imam Street, Imam Mosque next to Imam Hussein (AS)

Gilvan: Imam Street, Opposite Arghavan Store

Phone: +98 24 32844114

Armaghan Khaneh County Office

Address: Post Bank Building, B’ath Street

Phone: +989306128874

Khalkhal County Office

Address: Street Imam Khomeini, Barandagh Village, Building 20

Phone: +98 24 32493725

Khorramdarreh County Office

Address: No. 17, Shahid Rajaei Street

Phone: +98 24 35537449

Hidaj County Office

Address: 1st Floor, Sadaf Building, Next to Jame Mosque, Hakim Heidaji Street

Telephone: 024-35751893

Soltanieh County Office

Address: Vahdat Ring Road, Javidan Street, Across from Saghool Automobile Exhibition

Phone: +98 24 35824670

Khairabad County Office

Address: Near Imam Hussein Mosque

Phone: +98 24 35882757

Sa’in Ghaleh County Office

Address: Imam Street, Corner of Modarres East Street

Phone: +98 24 35620733

Eejrood County Office

Address: Imam Street, Saeed Abad Village
Phone: +98 24 36922315

Zarinabad County Office

Address: Imam Street, Below Keshavarzi Bank

Phone: +98 24 36723137

Mahanshan County Office

Address: Martyr Motahari Street, above Saba Stationery

Phone: +98 24 36224335

Takab County Office

Address: Imam Street, next to the former Relief Committee

Phone: 044-45534670

Takht-e Soleyman County Office

Address: Takht-e-Soleyman Boulevard, next to Velayat Square

Bijar County Office

Address: Imam Boulevard, above the Governor’s Office, next to the Language Academy

Phone: +98 87 38231116

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